How does Viyo work?

Viyo focuses on the most important weapon that your cat has to fight bacteria: its immune system. That immune system is located mainly in the digestive tract. That’s why Viyo acts precisely where it really matters.

How does it work? One 30-ml portion of Viyo contains 0.1 g of pre-biotic fibres, which is exactly what your cat needs to grow strong. There are approximately 50 different types of bacteria in the intestines that contribute to proper digestion. The fibres in Viyo feed these bacteria and thus contribute to strengthening your pet’s natural resistance. Viyo’s preparations also give specialised animal feed more of a chance to work properly.

Because it is best to consume FOSim+® as a liquid, we at Viyo have put it in a drink that cats love. Plus, you don’t have to change anything about your kitty’s diet. Your cat’s resistance to diseases and problems will improve by the day. Very simple and very effective.

You’ll soon notice that your cat’s digestion is improving. Its coat is soft and shiny, its stool firmer and it will generally give more of an impression of being a high-spirited, happy cat. Depending on how fit your animal is now, you should be seeing results in between one and four weeks.

Even better, Viyo has no artificial colouring or preservatives.

Viyo acts precisely where it really matters.