This summer, have you decided to adopt a little kitten, or even better, a rescued cat…? How are you going to prepare for their arrival and look after them well? What are their requirements? What will they need?


In nature, cats are solitary predators. So they feed whenever they feel the need to, and appear to have absolutely no difficulty catching tiny prey. So they are animals which, at home, need food available to them constantly. Whether you feed them with tinned food or a home-made preparation, make sure that their dish is always full, or in any event, that you meet their demands when they ask for food.


Cats like sleeping...well, anywhere. So it is not essential to give them a basket, unless they are often disturbed and seek refuge at a height, on a piece of furniture, for example. They also absolutely love radiator hammocks, available from pet shops, as they are soft, and especially retain the warmth.


If your cat can go outside, the ideal thing is to provide them with a cat flap so that they can come and go as they please and as their needs dictate, especially since they do not really like obstacles and may constantly ask you to open the door. If they do not have access to the outdoors, you must give them a litter tray, which they can always get to of course, if possible in a quiet, isolated place. The litter must be replaced completely once or twice a week and faeces removed daily, otherwise you will eventually see them relieving themselves away from it, on the quest for cleanliness.


On the day they arrive, make sure that the atmosphere is as peaceful as possible. It is not the time to invite friends into the house; the change will be traumatic enough for them already. Put everything which is theirs in a small, quiet room and stay with them, not forcing contact. Let them explore their surroundings and gradually let them roam around the whole house so that they get used to it at their own pace.