Cats are more nocturnal than diurnal and absolutely love exploring where they live. For some owners, this is a source of not inconsiderable stress, often preventing them from letting their cat out.

GPS for cats

So, a GPS for cats has been invented by a few specialist companies. More specifically, all it requires is fitting a small device to your cat's collar and consulting the relevant app on your smartphone or computer to find out exactly where your tom is hiding. The purpose of the invention is threefold: to find lost cats, be able to let them out at night, and unwittingly spy on them!

What do you do if you have lost your cat?

If you have lost your cat, you can of course use the GPS to find them with certainty. Reassuring, when you know that cats can cover tens of kilometres in a single night! If the small hours arrive and they have still not come home, all you have to do is consult the GPS app and go and find out where they are. Provided that they are not sprawled out in a tree 3 metres off the ground!

Exploring at night

With a GPS, at last, anxious owners should also be able to let their cats out at night rather than confine them to the house. The fact that you can let them roam at night is in fact a real hit as far as your cat is concerned: it meets their needs as explorers, hunters and night owls. A cat which can no longer go out could develop behavioural problems as a result.

Uncover all of your cat's hidey-holes

Finally, even if you have been letting them out for ages and every morning, Minou is waiting at the back door, this GPS may be of use. In fact, when they get back from their travels, the device will reveal all about your pride and joy's night-time adventures: the distance they have covered, in which direction they went, how far they went, etc.. How much does this wonderful source of information cost? Between € 50 and € 150 on average.