Unlike dogs, who would follow their owners to the ends of the earth, cats are not keen on leaving their territory. With rare exceptions, they would much rather stay at home on their own than travel with their owners. Cats’ independent, territorial nature therefore distinguishes them from dogs, who will loyally stay at their owners’ side wherever they go...

Cat as house-sitter

Therefore, your cat will happily house-sit for you while you are away. Perhaps so, but who will look after the cat? Because the truth is that although cats are not afraid to be left on their own, they still enjoy a little love and affection and, most importantly, like their litter tray to be clean at all times.

Daily visits

In this situation, the easiest option is to enlist the help of a friend or neighbour who can visit your pet every day to feed it, fill its water bowl, clean its litter tray and give it a little attention. It is important that your cat should know the person, so make sure that it has met him or her at least once when you were present. It goes without saying that you should ask someone who likes your pet, as well as cats in general.


If you do not know anyone who meets these requirements or who is willing to take on this role, you could look for a professional. Cat-sitting is a growing profession in Belgium. Cat- sitters are people who have made a career out of cats. When you go on holiday, they will come and visit your little protégé once or twice a day to meet its needs and check that all is well. Again, it is important for your cat to meet the person in advance. The cat-sitter should therefore offer to come and meet you both at home before you leave. Ensure that you find out as much as possible about the professional, because after all you will be trusting him or her with both your cat and the keys to your house.