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You want only the best for your cat, that goes without saying. And healthy pets make for happy owners. So it makes sense that you want to do everything to give the natural resistance of your cat a little push, and not give bacteria and other nasty germs any foothold.

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Viyo Reinforces® is a healthy drink for your cat, developed by veterinarians. It contains prebiotic fibres that help improve your cat's intestinal flora and digestion.

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Julie Willems

This summer, have you decided to adopt a little kitten, or even better,...

Julie Willems

Cats are more nocturnal than diurnal and absolutely love exploring where...

Julie Willems

Unlike dogs, who would follow their owners to the ends of the earth, cats...

Caring for your kitten

Everything you should remember when adopting a kitten

Claws on the scratching post only

Spare your furniture by placing a scratching post in the house

About Viyo Reinforces

Viyo reinforces

Keep your cat in top condition with a drink developed by vets especially for them. Thanks to a daily serving of prebiotic fibres, your cat will develop a castiron immune system and maintain its vitality.

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