4 tips for healthy cats

Cats may hunt like wild tigers through the jungle of your garden, but they are no longer natural hunters. Their instincts remain intact, but since they exchanged their natural surroundings for a warm place in an armchair, things have changed a bit. Especially when it comes to food. We've picked out the four most persistent myths for you.


A purring cat with a ball of wool and a bowl of milk. And preferably an open fire and granny sitting next to it. All very idyllic, but the picture's not quite accurate. Cats may be crazy on milk, but it's not good for their delicate digestive systems. The lactose in cows' milk often causes diarrhoea, and 5% of cats are downright allergic to it. The best thing to give your cat to drink is fresh tap water. If you really even want to treat it, buy special cat milk in your pet shop.

Milk is not good for their delicate digestive systems.

Real carnivores

Let's be clear: cats are genuine carnivores. In nature they gobble down mice and birds raw, but at home you'd do well to choose the right kind of meat for them. Offal like liver and kidneys is best avoided. Buy nice muscle meat without tendons and cook or bake it to avoid kidney problems.

Wet food for gourmets 

The smell from a packet of wet food doesn't lie: a saucer of 'rabbit and venison with sauce' sounds equally attractive in human ears. Rich food like this, however, is best eaten in moderation, especially if you want to watch your line. The same goes for your darling: take it easy on such a diet, often bursting with fat and salt. Best alternate it with dry cat biscuits. These are also good for a cat's pointed incisors: lots of chewing and nibbling keeps their teeth sharp.

One of the biggest problems for domestic cats that are a bit too pampered is obesity.

Cuddly, curvaceous cat

Cats eat about up to twenty times per day, each time in small quantities. If you fill a container with dry cat biscuits, your cat can last out a whole day. One of the biggest problems for domestic cats that are a bit too pampered is obesity. A fat cat may seem cuddly, but it's not healthy. An adult cat eats an average 50 to 60 grams per day, so keep that in mind when you serve out a portion of cat biscuits.

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