Treat your senior cat just right with food adjusted to their needs

Little kittens grow big, but unfortunately, they also grow old. As is the case with humans, some bodily functions will become rusty with age. You’d obviously want your cat to be healthy as long as possible and prevent possible ailments. This way, you can postpone the end as long as possible and ensure that your cat will enjoy the last years of their life to the fullest. Everything starts with the right type of food and the right amount of exercise.

Viyo strengthens the effect of specialized food for senior cats. Because it’s a fluid, it’s easy to ingest and it won’t be broken down by acids, but absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This makes it the ideal basis to help your cat live a longer, healthier life.

Age Restriction

Cats of age eight and up can be considered veterans, so it would benefit them to switch to specialized food. Of course, all cats are different, so if you think it’s time to take this step, consult your vet before you do. After all, being old is not a disease: you just have to monitor your pet’s health a little more carefully. 


In older cats, digestion often begins to falter. Food for senior cats is adapted to this fact and contains a lower amount of protein to spare the liver and kidneys. Especially the latter tend to become problematic as cats grow older. Drinking a lot – and urinating a lot – are a sign that something is amiss, just like loss of appetite and weight loss.

Deterioration of the teeth

85% of cats are faced with deteriorating, crumbling teeth in the course of their last years. This often hurts and translates into symptoms like bad breath, red gums and refusing to eat. If necessary, moisturize the kibble to make it easier to eat.

"Cats of age eight and up can be considered veterans"


Elderly people often suffer from rheumatism. Elderly cats are no different: your cat will have difficulty walking and jumping around and stands up more stiffly. To prevent your cat from becoming unable to walk because of the pain, have them treated on time.

Malignant tumours

Cats older than ten run a higher risk of developing cancer. One out of every two cats in this age category fall victim to it. Therefore, you should feel around for unusual lumps regularly and watch out for diarrhoea or vomiting. The possible symptoms are varied, so vigilance is key to prevent malignant tumours from spreading.


A lot of problems in older cats develop because they’ve put on some extra weight during their long career as a loyal companion. You can prevent a lot of problems just by keeping your cat’s weight in check.


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