Investigate the wide range of breeds and choose your perfect cat

Each cat has its own little quirks - just like its master. But breeds typically have distinctive characteristics, which often makes the choice easier. If you want a purebred, you would do well to delve first into the wide range of species and types. "Happily ever after" is of course what you're hoping for when you bring home a purring minny. By the way, did you know that there are exactly 76 breeds, sometimes in various colour patterns, still living on our planet?

King cat

This type of cat is very confident and acts as master of its territory. Such cats are smart and energetic, but above all stubborn. To train them, the game is to be smarter than they. They need new challenges, and something to keep them occupied.

It's for this type of cats that locks were invented: if something can be opened that ought to remain closed, you can be sure this rascal will do everything possible to see what's going on behind the door. This is the cat that walks on your head to wake you up, pushes the sponge into the washing up water because it makes a nice splash and uses its butt to push the cat tray where it has a better view.

If you share living space with a cat with regal inclinations, you will notice it likes to be in the limelight, with acrobatic tricks to attract your attention. It wants to take part in everything going on in the house, from bread making to watercolour painting. Make sure then that if your cat is the same room as yourself, it has something interesting to do. Keep your eyes open at flea markets for toddlers' toys; they can come in handy. Because if you do not provide entertainment, then king cat will go looking for it himself.

This kind of headstrong cat benefits from generous portions of discipline. If you’re not careful, it's the master who begins to dance to the cat's tune. In their favour we can say that they’re very loving and always fun to have around. 

Abyssinians, Siamese, Rex cats and other Oriental breeds

If you’re not careful, it's the master who begins to dance to the cat's tune. 

Best mates

Meet Dr Watson for your Sherlock Holmes. This type of cat is very playful, but most of all wants to please its master. It listens very well, comes when you call, and some will even fetch a ball or branch you throw, like a dog. Most of all they play with anything resembling a prey or which bounces, shakes and jumps. And they like nothing more than to watch what you're doing.

They quickly climb onto newcomers' laps, especially when these show their admiration for such a lively pet. These cats are very outgoing, and make clear what's wrong: the cat biscuits are eaten up, the cat tray needs renewing, or they want to come indoors because it's raining outside.

Listen to what they tell you and everything will go fine. These cats like communicating a lot and appreciate your doing the same. So tell your cat with plenty of hand gestures that its blanket is in the laundry, but will be back fresh-smelling in a few hours, or that you will be away from home two nights this weekend and Grandpa will come and feed it.

Tonkinese, Manx, Scottish Fold, Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest

Listen to what they tell you and everything will go fine.


These shy cats are not exactly what you'd call an open book. If something's wrong, they don't start meowing like other cats. Be alert to subtle changes in their mood if you want your pet to have the best in life.

They are timid, but they do communicate. Although they often meow little, they will inform you they don't like their new biscuits simply by leaving them untouched, or try to attract your attention by looking miserable. They enjoy dozing on your lap or on the windowsill. They welcome regularity and an interior in which everything has its place.

In a busy household these cats often get nervous, and can sometimes be naughty and for example pee where they shouldn't. Be gentle with them, they are very susceptible to punishment and will do everything possible to see their master happy. They are generally a little slower and less lively than their jumping-jack counterparts, but extra cuddly.

Persian, Chantilly-Tiffany, Chartreux, Himalayan, British Shorthair, Burmese

Be alert to subtle changes in their mood if you want your pet to have the best in life.

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