Why Viyo?

You want only the best for your cat, that goes without saying. And healthy pets make for happy owners. So it makes sense that you want to do everything to give the natural resistance of your cat a little push, and not give bacteria and other nasty germs any foothold.

Healthy cat

Nothing’s nicer than being greeted by a purring pussycat when you walk in the door. To keep it that way, it’s important to maintain your cat’s resilience. Just as in humans, 70% of the beneficial bacteria that constitute the immune system can be found in the intestines. That’s why Viyo contains an active component called FOSim+® which strengthens resistance from within the stomach. A daily serving of Viyo and your cat can happily go hunting mice without a care in the world.

Viyo for all ages

A newborn kitten has different needs from a cat getting on in years. That’s why we have developed three varieties of Viyo. That way, your cat will get the right nutritional supplements throughout its life. Kittens, fully grown cats and seniors are thus always in top condition.

Cast-iron resistance

Viyo boosts your cat’s resistance by acting on the exact spot where it is really needed: the intestinal wall. That acts as a filter which absorbs good nutrients into the body and sends harmful bacteria packing. FOSim+®, the active ingredient in Viyo, stimulates the development of beneficial intestinal bacteria such as bifidus and lactobacilli. Thus, a thicker layer of mucus develops on the intestinal wall, which is better armed against intruders. The immune system can react faster and thus better fight the bacteria.